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Agriturismo La Valletta Centro Benessere

Ischitella (Foggia)

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The Gargano, called the Spur of Italy, is unique for its extraordinary nature, its popular customs, its extremely rich artistic and archaeological heritage and its history. A Holy Mountain that has been destination and place of worship for pilgrims from all over the world. It is a place where you can breathe the Mediterranean spirit, a peninsula that reaches out to Greece from which it lent the lifestyle of the “great sea” of antiquity, characterized by the contrasts in nature during the seasons when colours multiply and mingle.

It is very common to find tables full of local products that arouse your senses because of their colours, scents and taste such as lamb, kid, eel, brawn, oranges, lemons, cheeses, broad beans, grapes, figs and macaroni. From the farmstay you can easily reach the most picturesque towns and spots of Gargano. Ischitella, Vico, Rodi and Peschici, very old villages rich in history and legends, may be the ideal end of a day passed in the Gargano forests or in the ancient necropolis and grottos on the coastal cliffs.

Some excursions:

- naturalistic trips with authorized guides to discover the Gargano National Park;

- horse riding trips on the promontory;

- Land Rover 4wd adventure trips;

- with our buses for:

· a pic nic in the forest

· a tour along the coasts

· a pilgrimage to the Garbiele Archangel and Padre Pio.

The organization and the prices of the group excursions have to be decided before.

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Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hiking