10 travel destinations in Italy for May

Here’s a list of interesting events, on trips across the loveliest Italian hamlets while discovering places that are too crowded in the summer...

May is the month that divides us from the summer. How can we spend these days of lovely weather that grow longer and longer? By organizing a weekend in Italy. So trust our top-10 picks for this month.

The 10 travel destinations you’ll find in these pages are based on a selection that includes an analysis of hundreds of thousands of agriturismo preferences. We give you the right inspiration. For each destination we have useful suggestions that will make your trip unforgettable: you’ll find interesting events to take part in, itineraries for all tastes, and curious advice! What are you waiting for?

1. Pordenone

If you’re interested in this part of Italy, organize your trip during the last weekend of the month. For May 26/27/28 you’ll find the Giornate Nazionali dei Castelli. The key players of the events are the hamlets of Cordovado, Artegna, Cassacco and Chiusaforte. Lovers of history and antiquity can take advantage and visit places that are normally closed to the public and listen to the explanations of Italian scholars and art historians who are tour guides.

If you choose Pordenone, remember that until May 28 you’ll also see Dolomiti Friulane, which since 2009 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the event can explore the Dolomites on an itinerary with 4 sections dedicated to culture, tourism, crafts, and local traditions. Free admission!

Take a look at all the agriturismi in the province of Pordenone you can choose from!


2. Milan
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Published on 04/06/2017
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