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Agriturismi a stone's throw from the sea

How to combine a holiday in an agriturismo with your longing for the seaside? It's easy! Stay in one of our farmhouses by the sea. Take a look!

“Agriturismo” is synonymous with fresh air, wholesome food, and the splendour of the countryside or the mountains. But what about farmhouses by the sea? Most people don’t realize there are agritourisms so close to the beach where you can enjoy sea and nature at the same time!

How many times have you heard people say that agriturismos are great for a week or weekend out of town, or for those who prefer the mountains to the sea, or that it might be great to hide away in the country, but it's a pain in the neck to get to the beach every day by car? This is especially true if you are travelling with small children, in particular if it is the case of a parent on their own with the kids for a whole week, as often happens when schools are closed and mum or dad has to go back to work. 

Of course, one of the characteristics of many agriturismos is that they are off the beaten track, surrounded by greenery and the countryside, nonetheless they are still just a few hundred metres from the turquoise sea. Especially in regions where men have had to tear land to cultivate away from the mountains, like in Liguria, or in regions where agriculture has been and still is the main activity, it is not so rare to find a farm just a stone’s throw from the beach. Thanks to the work of lovers of the land and sea, some of these have become cosy shelters for lucky travellers, who will not have to choose between the two elements, but can enjoy them both to the full, in total harmony with nature.

You’ll find suggestions from north to south, on the mainland and islands, from Liguria to Sicily, from Veneto to Basilicata, just choose and book quickly, bearing in mind that there are not many agriturismos that have the good fortune of being right by the sea, and they must be real agriturismos, where farming is a main activity. What are you waiting for?

Choose an agriturismo by the sea!

If there is no availability for the agriturismo you want, don’t despair. Just a short distance away there will be others that you will not find on our list because we wanted to set a strict limit and show you only those literally a few steps from the sea. If you like sports, or you don’t mind using a car as long as the journey is short, you can discover many other agriturismos near the sea in every region:

Agriturismos by the sea in Abruzzo 

Agriturismos by the sea in Basilicata

Agriturismos by the sea in Calabria

Agriturismos by the sea in Campania

Agriturismos near the sea in Emilia Romagna

Agriturismos near the sea in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Agriturismos near the sea in Lazio

Agriturismos near the sea in Liguria

Agriturismos near the sea in Marche

Agriturismos near the sea in Toscana

Agriturismos near the sea in Veneto

Agriturismos near the sea in Puglia

Agriturismos near the sea in Sardegna

Agriturismos near the sea in Sicilia

At this point, sea lovers have no more excuses for not trying an agriturismo holiday!

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