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Agriturismi with a lake view

A holiday at the lake can be relaxing, suited to families but also groups of friends who want to spend time together. Schedule your stay in one of our agriturismi overlooking a lake!

agriturismi con vista lago

A vacation like this one can be perfect if you want to join your love of water, swimming and tanning with your love of mountains. Have you ever considered this? A lake vacation in Italy is relaxing, suited to families as well as groups of friends who want to spend time together.

There are lots of foreign tourists who each year come to Italy to enjoy a lake vacation. With destinations like Lake Garda (read our small guide) or Lake Maggiore, flooded by tourists from across the world. The main attraction is the splendid, varied landscape.

Of course, the lake atmosphere and the slow flowing water give you a great feeling. Plus: mirroring waters surrounded by nature, hamlets on cliffs and unspoiled nature. Here you can organize strolls amidst the surrounding valleys, bike rides along the lake banks and picnics on flowering fields.

Want to book your trip on the lake? Well, do it properly by staying in one of our agriturismi overlooking the lake. We’ve selected them for you, one by one, and have gathered them in a single list you can look at.

Among the 43 present there’s Zertin at Peglio (outside Como) that offers its guests a vast view of the lake and all the surrounding mountains. Il Castoro of Rome is found along the banks of Lake Martignano, one of Italy’s loveliest and cleanest lakes.

Crotto di Somana at Mandello del Lario (outside Lecco) serves a delicious breakfast on the terrace overlooking the lake, just like La Perazzetta but in a different context: we’re at Gradoli, in the province of Viterbo, directly overlooking Lake Bolsena.

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