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Cinque Terre holiday: a brief guide

If you want to take a trip to Cinque Terre here’s a brief guide that will help you discover this area.

The Cinque Terre are a much-desired destination by tourists across the world. This stretch of Ligurian coast is lovely throughout the year. Today, we suggest you organize a trip to the Cinque Terre with us: we’ll help you understand where to sleep, what to see and eat and activities to take part in!

Sleeping in the Cinque Terre

To best organize your trip to the Cinque Terre let’s start with sleeping accommodations.
Among our agriturismi, there are 30 perfect ones for resting and starting off each morning as you discover the area. Some of them organize nearby excursions on foot or by bike, while others have large pools for relaxing or offer menus with fish and traditional food. All are ready to welcome their guests with open arms, and pamper them as if they were at home. The great thing about staying in an agriturismo is also this!

Take a look at the agriturismi in the Cinque Terre.

Attractions in the Cinque Terre

Monterosso al mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore: each of the Cinque Terre is special and will stay in your hearts.

Monterosso is the westernmost town of the Cinque Terre and is found next to the hills full of olive trees and vineyards. In warmer months, Monterosso is great for swimming in its crystal-blue water!
The ancient center of town is found along the beach and cliff, with the ruins of its castle, to be explored on foot along its alleys full of souvenir shops.

Vernazza is the most colorful town of the Cinque Terre. It dates to the year 1000; in fact, its name derives from an ancient Roman family who founded the town. The streets of Vernazza dip down to the main road that ends in the town square facing a small portico. It’s romantic here to stop by and have something to eat, like the famous focaccia ligure or rice cakes.

Corniglia is the only town on the foothills of a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. In fact, to get here you need to climb the Lardarina, a long staircase in bricks with 377 steps. All the homes overlook the sea, and you’ll love this place so much you’ll feel like buying a flat here! At the top part of Corniglia is the Church of San Pietro. A must!

What’s amazing about Manarola is walking down its main street amidst ancient shops and traditional restaurants overlooking the sea and colorful fishing boats just waiting to be photographed! The entire town faces the main street with its homes-towers, the gothic Church of San Lorenzo and the odd pyramid in cement.

Finally, last but not least is Riomaggiore, the first town you encounter arriving from La Spezia. So many restaurants if you love fresh fish and shops for souvenirs. The famous Via dell’Amore starts here, but is currently closed off.

Activities in the Cinque Terre

If you’re visiting the Cinque Terre and want to organize your stay, don’t miss the trekking.
Right now, there’s a lovely path that joins Monterosso, Vernazza and Manarola, even for those who aren’t used to lots of walking. It offers a spectacular view of these 3 towns. It’s called the Sentiero Azzurro and was already present in the Middle Ages. For lots of centuries it was the main communication route for seaside inhabitants. Here you’ll find vineyards and olive groves, with a beautiful crystal-blue sea in the background.
There are also harder paths, like the Crinale.

In the summer, you may go seawatching, which is managed by the locals and is aimed to enhance the wonders of the sea.

There are also many activities here, like food-wine tastings in local wineries or castles where you can savor some good wine and fresh snacks. Not bad, right?

Eating in the Cinque Terre

You’ll immediately realize that Ligurian cooking is quite simple and varied. Traditional dishes are top-quality, with unforgettable flavor.
Don’t miss the fish. Bream, anchovies, cuttlefish, octopus and calamari, all cooked over a fire and seasoned with delicious local olive oil, or even fried.

Don’t forget the traditional pasta with pesto, along with some good Vermentino wine. And for dessert: a delicious Passito.
Want something fast? Bakeries, pizzerias and supermarkets are ready to offer you local focaccia, excellent at any hour, night or day. You’re warned . . . you’ll get hooked!

Also consider stopping by one of our agriturismi with restaurant in the Cinque Terre: you’ll love it!

Cinque Terre: getting here and around

The Cinque Terre can be easily reached. The closest airports are in Genoa and Pisa. The main train stations are in Genoa and La Spezia.

Moving around the Cinque Terre is very simple, especially if you like using the train. The line that joins all the Cinque Terre with Genoa and La Spezia is very efficient and offers special daily rates, so you can get on and off where you like.

If you enjoy admiring the lovely sea, you can travel by boat. Departures from La Spezia, Porto Venere, Portofino and Lerici.

Want to rent a car? Try looking here.

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