Horticultural tourism in Italy's loveliest gardens

Schedule your vacation in Italy, inspired by horticultural tourism, the new type of green tourism where you discover some of our country’s most beautiful gardens!

Want to come to Italy, with the entire family? Don’t forget your camera, or the desire to discover hidden treasures with a hint of curiosity. Now that your backpack is ready, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring Italy’s loveliest gardens.

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but our regions are full of beautiful villas and gardens open to the public: over the past years, these parks have had a growing number of tourists from around the world and lovers of horticultural tourism, a new form of green and cultural tourism that will open Italy’s gardens to everyone.

Besides, attention to gardens in Italy has ancient origins: if in the Middle Ages the garden was exclusively tied to its usefulness, in the late Renaissance the true Italian-style garden was born and became a place of pleasure and amusement. In the 15th century, the Italian-style garden also gradually included architectural elements and symmetrical lawns, with a more elegant, orderly, and elaborate style, where relaxation areas and secret gardens are also present.

Today we can admire what remains, by organizing a breathtaking visit. So we’ve chosen 5 regions for you.

Foto di: Daniel70mi Faciola (Flickr.com)

Content by Agriturismo.it
Published on 02/08/2017
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