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Pet month: in agriturismo with our animals

The month of May is Pet Month. These are the agriturismi that support the initiative!

Love to travel with your pet? Then don’t miss the chance to take part in Pet Month. Leave with your dog or cat in Italy, without worrying about the cost for your furry friends.

What is Pet Month?

Pet Month is an initiative of dedicated to those who love traveling with their animals
From May 1 to 31, 2018, in agriturismi that take part in this offer, your pets can stay free (for a minimum 2 night stay) with their guardians.

Obviously, humans pay the normal rates!

How to take part in Pet Month on

Easy! Choose one of the agriturismi that adhere to this offer, contact them, and remember to mention Pet Month.

View all the agriturismi that take part in Pet Month!

Once at the agriturismo you’ll enjoy your vacation. If you want to share with us your photos – with your pets – use the hashtag #mesea4zampe.

Remember that going on vacation with your pet is a magical experience, full of possibilities. Get information, before leaving, if your dog needs a muzzle, if you can walk your dog in shared areas, if cats can enter restaurants, if there are special rules (Can your pet sleep on the bed? The agriturismo admits only one pet per room?) that must be respected.

Il mese a 4 zampe

Where to stay during Pet Month?

The agriturismi that adhere to this offer are many and there’s lots to choose from.
Some have decided to mention some peculiarities and activities.

Take I conti di Acqualagna (Pesaro e Urbino) that clearly states: pets are given free baskets and bowls!

Le Querciole di Borgo Val di Taro (Parma) gives dogs free access to all areas of the agriturismo (rooms, restaurant, shared spaces) and the entire property – over 200,000 square meters. Wow!

Cani e gatti in agriturismo

If Le Germandine di Suvereto (Livorno) promises tourists that around the agriturismo you can take long strolls with your dog, Il Vecchio Pozzo di Campiglia Marittima (Livorno) guarantees lots of beaches nearby.

Metina di Montepulciano (Siena): here go on long walks or have fun with special dog-friendly activities. La Grotta dei Folletti di Mercatello sul Metauro (Pesaro e Urbino) offers a stroll with a trainer on May 1!

Fattoria Inghirami di Volterra (Pisa) writes:
"We really love animals and we’re delighted when we can host pets. There’s no limit to size! If humans have a great pool in the sunlight, our furry friends will get a magnificent watering hole where they can cool off!"

Cani in agriturismo

Agrimaccari di Noto (Siracusa) specifies that here animals are welcome but they have to share with the farm’s dogs and other animals (goats, horses, chickens), while La Ranocchiaia di Campiglia Marittima (Livorno) has prepared a special welcome for your pet.

At the agriturismo Il Poderino di Chianni (Pisa) the initiative was appreciated so much, they decided to extend it for the entire month of June, for minimum 6-night stay.

But these are just a few examples! Take a look at the agriturismi that have decided to support Pet Month – divided into zones – and book your vacation with your loyal adventure companion.

Mese a 4 zampe - agriturismi nord Italia

Mese a 4 zampe - agriturismi centro Italia

Mese a 4 zampe - agriturismi sud Italia

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