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Val di Cecina outdoor: itineraries for all tastes

Discover a secret Tuscany: come with us to the Val di Cecina and discover the outdoor itineraries for your next holiday!

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Val di Cecina is one of the most pristine areas of Tuscany, and an ideal destination for anyone wishing to organize an active outdoor holiday. Here you can visit characteristic villages and ancient medieval cities without forgoing the sea or beautiful beaches. In fact, Val di Cecina is only 40 kilometers from the Etruscan coast.

Hills, villages and woods characterize this iconic Tuscan landscape, once home to ancient Roman and Etruscan civilizations and rich in traditions and culture.

Val di Cecina offers breathtaking natural scenery. To best enjoy the surroundings, we recommend exploring the territory at a slow pace. Forget your car and discover Val di Cecina on foot, bike or horseback.

Itineraries on foot in Val di Cecina

Trekking in Val di Cecina

Let's start with the easiest way to explore our destination: walking routes. There are many paths in Val di Cecina. Our favorites are the Castle of Bishops and Poggio alla Croce path, as well as the ring around the Montenero nature reserve.

The Bishops' Castle Trail is one of seven trails in the nature reserves and offers descriptive guides and signposts placed along the way. If you aren’t an avid walker, never fear! Simply follow the well-marked path and you won't go astray.

The starting point is in the village of Mazzolla. Following the Sellate river you will reach the Bishops of Volterra Castle. Along the path you can observe typical flora and fauna, stop at viewing points overlooking the Botro al Rio gorge and, with a bit of luck, spot a peregrine falcon. At the path’s end you will arrive at the fortress once owned by the bishops of Volterra. From its ruins you can envision the majesty of this ancient architectural structure.

The path is suitable for families and people with disabilities: it’s wide and flat, and dotted with woods which make it walkable even in summer. The kilometers to cover? Little more than seven!

From the beautiful medieval town of Montecatini, an easy 3-kilometer walking path takes you to the top of Mount Poggio al Croce. Breathe in the fresh air to your heart's content and enjoy the view over the entire Alta Val di Cecina which extends as far as the famous Rocca Siliana.

Fiume Cecina in Toscana

How about a naturalistic excursion along one of the most beautiful waterways in Tuscany: the Cecina River and Masso delle Fanciulle. This easy route is suitable for all ages, including families with strollers. At the end of the path you will arrive at a stunning natural swimming pool: the water is clean and laden with fish, and very pleasant on hot summer days. In some spots the river is very shallow, making it ideal for children.

The ring around the Montenero Nature Reserve is truly unique. Travelers who choose this path will be catapulted into a treasure chest of biodiversity, a veritable patchwork of deciduous forests, dense scrub and arid meadows. To walk the loop, we recommend starting from Prato d'Era near Volterra.

Halfway along the route you will find a waterfall more than 30 meters high, while towards the end you will come to important historical sites, such as the Fonte del Latte, whose warm water, according to ancient legends, had therapeutic properties able to cure women lacking breastmilk. Then there is Pieve della Nera, a small church dedicated to the cult of St. John the Baptist, built around the year 1000.

A couple of tips for hikers in the Alta Val di Cecina: bring comfortable shoes, a protective sun hat, sunscreen, a water bottle, a lot of desire to walk and ... have fun!

Bike routes in Val di Cecina

Itinerari in bici in Val di Cecina

Now let's move on to the bike routes.

If you are an experienced biker we recommend the Grand Geothermal and Parks Tour. This itinerary embraces the "warm" heart of Val di Cecina’s geothermal landscape and passes through medieval villages and gorgeous valleys. Start from Pomarance in the direction of Larderello, and after riding past wonders such as Montecerboli, the Secolo river and Micciano village, return to Pomarance for a total of approximately 49 kilometers.

Val di Cecina in bicicletta

For a tour that truly leaves you speechless, try the path to the Etruscan baths of Bagnone and villages of the Alta Val di Cornia.

The Bagnone thermal baths date back to the third century B.C. and are an incredibly fascinating place. The only remaining examples of Etruscan thermal baths in the area, they are truly a sight to behold.

Where to stop on the 35 km ride? Without a doubt at Sasso, where a small thermal swimming pond has been created!

Itineraries on horseback in Val di Cecina

Val di Cecina a cavallo

Have you ever spent a holiday on horseback? Horseback riding offers anyone, even amateurs, a unique way to experience new destinations in the delightful company of a four-legged friend.

To enjoy the best views of Pomarance from horseback take the loop starting from the municipal tourist office. The path will introduce you to the beauty and diversity of Alta Val di Cecina and the Geothermal Area. To book your horse-riding experience contact the Santa Barbara equestrian center.

Very close to the Villa of Monterufoli there is another relaxing horseback trail, Campo ai Meli, where you might even spot rare badgers!

To learn about all the itineraries available in Val di Cecina consult the Valdicecina Outdoor website.

The site’s map outlines various routes on foot, horseback or by bike so you can choose how you wish to discover this beautiful territory. The paths wind through seven municipalities in the Val di Cecina, and include an accurate description and information on the degrees of difficulty.

Where to sleep in Val di Cecina

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Choose from our array of farmhouses in Val di Cecina for your stay. We have the ideal solution for every type of traveler (couples, groups or families).

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Agriturismi in Val di Cecina

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