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Where to see fall foliage in Italy

Are you wondering where you can see some fall foliage in Italy? We’ll tell you the best destinations

There is only one way to please fans of autumnal colours: go and discover the best destinations in Italy for fall foliage, when the leaves on the trees change colour, transforming the landscape into a palette of autumnal hues.

If you are wondering where to see fall foliage in Italy, here are 10 of the best destinations.

Monte Beigua Regional Park in Liguria

From late September until November, the entire Monte Beigua Regional Park is transformed into a palette of colours ranging from orange to deep red, through all shades of brown. If the weather and temperatures permit, it is nice to organise an outing in the woods. Imagine walking hand in hand with your partner, or together with your family, over vast blankets of leaves and along trails through chestnut, oak and downy oak trees. 

There are different trails to follow in Beigua Park: you can decide whether to enter the Deiva Forest in Sassello, or follow the Archeological Trail that leaves from Alpicella and goes through a spectacular beechwood. And how about climbing up to Geremia Fort in Masone? Each itinerary has its own special characteristics, and there is certainly something for everyone!

 To enjoy fall foliage in Beigua Park, you can stay in our agriturismi in Arenzanoin Mele or in the province of Savona!

The Colli Piacentini in Emilia Romagna

The Colli Piacentini, or Hill of Piacenza, stand between Piacenza and Bobbio and becomes a spectacular place for a walk in autumn. Right after grape harvest time, the leaves begin to turn a bright orangey-red, while the land is bare and arid. It is a contrast not to be missed! So  arm yourself with a camera and… work away.

Visiting the Colli Piacentini during fall foliage is the perfect opportunity for discovering the castles of Torrechiara, Castell’Arqauto and Vigoleno.

 For overnight stays you can rely on our agriturismi in the province of Piacenza and in the province of Parma!

Val Masino in Lombardy

For those who live in Milan and it surroundings or who simply want to visit Lombardy during the autumn, there is only one place we can recommend: it is Bagni di Masino Forest. 23,000 hectares of land, a magical place worth visiting all year round, but particularly spectacular in autumn.

Getting to the forest is easy, just leave your car at Bagni di Masino -  in Valtellina – and continue on foot, following the surfaced pathway. You will be blown away by the marvellous forest of beech trees and monumental trees aged over 200 years.

 How about stopping to spend the night at one of our agriturismi in the province of Sondrio before you embark on your discovery of Bagni di Masino Forest?

Umbra Forest in Puglia

On our way down to Puglia we stop in the heart of the Gargano, in the province of Foggia, to see Umbra Forest, one of Italy’s finest woodlands made up of age old beech, oak and maple  trees whose leaves turn a range of warm hues in autumn. 
Having reached the Umbra Forest car park, you can talk a walk down many marked trails. Along the way you will come across yew, maple, holly, hornbeam and beech trees… an unforgettable experience, which even children will enjoy. Lots of new things to be learned and you can even hunt for the magnificent age-old trees dotted throughout the forest. 
Prior info can be got from the Nature Museum in the Visitors’ Centre!

 Where can you stay near Umbra Forest? There are our agriturismi in the Gargano!

The Langhe in Piedmont

The beautiful hilly area which takes in the provinces of Cuneo and Asti not only offers marvellous food and wine specialities but is also the perfect place for admiring fall foliage in Italy. After the summer, the Langhe region is literally enveloped in a thin fog which then lifts to reveal the magical colours of autumn: red, orange, yellow, purple and bronze become the indisputable protagonists of this season. 

For a route worth taking you can first leave from Alba, stop off at Monforte d’Alba and then lose yourself in the countryside until you get to Serralunga. If you are staying for a weekend, you can go as far as Barolo and Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of the Langhe!

 To organise the perfect leaf peeping weekend, you can choose one of our agriturismi delle Langhe for an overnight stay!

Bersntol in Trentino

You are in Trentino and you want to see some fall foliage? Just 20 km from Trento is a magical place. It is Bersntol, a valley off the beaten tourist track, a language island of German origin. 

You will find yourself in a wild and evocative setting you can get to know by following one of the many marked itineraries which will take you through fields, woodlands, farms, alpine huts and refuges. 
Bersntol has kept its folklore and food traditions alive, a testament to its people and its identity. Its culture and countryside boast undeniable charm: take a walk through its pastures and woodlands, follow its trails and lose yourself in its splendid enchanted forests.

 To get the most out of Bersntol we recommend you leave from Pergine Valsugana. Check out our agriturismi in the province of Trento for the nearest place to stay!

Casentinesi Forest National Park in Toscany

It is said that the Foreste Casentinesi are some of Italy’s most colourful forests. Of course, their position, half way between the Europe and the Mediterranean, does help. However, it definitely has to be seen to be believed…
The Foreste Casentinesi are in Tuscany, in the province of Arezzo. The best times for admiring fall foliage in these forests are the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November. While the first part of the park – which is above 800 metres in altitude – is dominated by beech trees, the second – on the hills, at below 800 metres – presents the colours of oak and hornbeam.
Leaf peeping in this area is best done from the top of Monte Penna right above the Lama Forest. To get there we recommend you go from Passo dei Fangacci to the road that links Badia Prataglia and Eremo di Camaldoni.
From Lama Forest, you can go on another excursion along the Scalandrini trail where you can (literally!) dive into the magical colours of the Casentinesi Forests.

 We have 20 agriturismi in the Casentino area! Why don’t you check if there is one suited to you and your visit to the Casentinesi Forests?

Sila National Park in Calabria

Maple, poplar, beech, chestnut: these are the protagonists of fall foliage in Sila park, Calabria
For those who fancy some hiking, we recommend the ring route in Sila Piccola which leaves from Trivolo and follows trails lined by age-old beech trees, as far as a scenic point where you can see the crystal-clear waters of the small river Tacina. 

During your walk, don’t forget to hunt for mushrooms and chestnuts. The symbol of the park? The silano pine.
At the end of your visit, take a trip to one of the two themed and multimedia museums: Le foreste della Sila and Le foreste e l'Uomo located inside the Monaco Visitor’s Centre.

 Sila National Park takes in different provinces in Calabria. You can choose where to stay depending on the kind of area you want to visit. To get some real rest and back into contact with nature, even in the evening, we recommend you stay in one of our agriturismi in the province of Cosenza, in the province of Crotone and in the province of Catanzaro!

Val Ferret in Valle d'Aosta

Before being buried under the snow, the cross-country ski trails of Val Ferret, right above Courmayeur in Valle d’Aosta, are first transformed into a picture postcard blanket of colours. Here, a walk is always a treat: you will notice how broadleaf plants give way to evergreens, and how the larch turns a golden colour.

Autumn is the best time to discover the countryside of Val Ferret. You will find peace and quiet, nature, and plenty of excursion options for you and your friends. Dont forget that the area also offers some fine food and wine: plenty of typical local dishes and products to sample, from charcuterie to cheeses as well as excellent wines.

 Is Valle d'Aosta one of your future holiday destinations? And do you fancy a spot of leaf peeping? We recommend you stop off at one of our agriturismi in Courmayeur for getting to Val Ferret more easily.

Monti Biellesi in Piedmont

Back in Piedmont again but this time we are moving to the area of Biella, to the Oropa Botanical Garden. This WWF Oasis promises breathtaking colour contrasts. 
And this year, there is even an event dedicated to fall foliage: it is called Foliage, i colori dell’autunno nel Biellese and is scheduled for Sunday 15 October at 14.30. In Ravere Park in Piedicavallo you can take part in a group walk along the mule track as far as Alpeggio di Rosei to see the colours of autumn. 

 Stay for at least one weekend to explore the Oasis and its surroundings. Check out our agriturismi in Biella for the one best suited to your needs!

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