Tenuta Giarretta

Belpasso (Catania)


In brief

  • Type: Bedroom (2),
  • Guests: 4

The accommodation

The Agriresort is a great place for everything; to enjoy the landscape, the vegetation, the air and the sun. Characterized by the presence of fifteen hectares of greenery, the property sits, with appearance of an ancient castle, in an atmosphere of absolute and pristine beauty. As a gem of Amber nestled between the river of the Simeto on one side and the Mount Etna on the other. To play chess while outside dominates the quiet rural, to contemplate the majestic Mount Etna from the terrace of the house, to watch the sun descends behind the hills, is a moment of pure bliss. To try to retransmit a sense of researched peace at every corner of the house, starting with the choice of the walls? color, a warm and lively yellow that recalls the Amber of the Simeto, the Simetite, a gem believed to be able to infuse optimism, joy and to facilitate the success. It was recommended to remove the negative energies that create physical and emotional discomforts.

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