Agriturismo Frallarenza

Strada Cassia Antica, 3, 05016 Ficulle (Terni) Code


Check in: after 16:00 - Check out: before 11:00
BOOKING: To book we ask a 30%  We do accept Credit Cards or ATM to pay the balance adding 2% to cover bank fee

Breakfast is included for the first days
Each apartment has a washing machine: free of charge, washing soap included

The meaning of these rules is to avoid all kinds of dangers and annoyance to all the people and animals staying at Frallaranza, respect the environment and avoid unnecessary waste of precious natural resources

At Home
Please, don’t smoke in the bedrooms: People arriving after your stay would find a stinky house!
Don't throw the cigarette butts in the garden: Nobody likes to walk in a dump, and we do not like to pick them up!
Water is a precious (and expensive) commodity: let's not waste it!
Please, do not throw sanitary towels or cotton swabs in the toilet, use the bin
Please, turn on the extractor hood when cooking
Fireplace: If you have no experience ask us for advice, and in any case, please, strictly follow these rules:
It is forbidden to cook in the fireplace: it can only be lit for its beauty, there is a barbecue in the garden for that purpose
Use the chain to open the hood before lighting the fire
It is forbidden to use alcohol, use firelighters instead
Light the fire by placing the firewood as deep as possible in the back corner of the fireplace
Add a maximum of two pieces of firewood at a time, the wood in the box should last you at least 12 hours
Never let the flames get too high, it is dangerous
When you go to sleep, push the embers deep in the back corner of the fireplace to avoid smoke inside the house, it is dangerous
Do not clean the fireplace: we will take care of it at your departure or upon request
Ask us for firewood: we’ll give you a box (about 30 kg) for 10 euros

Air Conditioning and Heating system - Summertime:
Help us keep the house cool without wasting energy:
The windows and the door must remain closed all day to prevent the house from heating up. Open them only for the normal daily air change on daytime.
We recommend to open the windows late in the evening, when the outside temperature is cooler than the inside.
If you want you can safely leave the windows open throughout the night, all of them have mosquito nets and insects cannot come in.
In any case close the windows early in the morning to keep the house cool.
The air conditioning is set to 24°C (75°F) and is kept on mainly during the day to take full advantage of the photovoltaic system.
If you leave the windows open on daytime we will turn off air conditioning both day and night in order not to waste energy

Air Conditioning and Heating system - Wintertime:
Help us keep the house warm without wasting energy:
The windows and the door must remain closed all day and night (typically when you go out and usually in the bathroom!) to prevent the house from cooling down.
Open them only for the normal daily air change.
Heating is set to 21°C (70°F) during the day and 20°C (68°F) at night
If you leave the windows open during the day we will turn off the heating in order not to waste any energy

At the Swimming Pool
It is forbidden to dive: the pool is not deep enough!
The water is 80cm deep in the semicircle part and it’s suitable for young children, while the rectangular part is 120 cm deep towards the steps side and goes up to a maximum of 140 cm in the opposite side
Children under 14yo must be attended by an adult
Take a quick shower immediately before entering the water!
The sunscreen indelibly stains the sheet on the edge of the pool: use it as little as possible and wait until it is well absorbed
before entering the water
Please, tie back long hair before going into the pool
Do not bring your dog to the pool area
Please, do not use our bathroom towels in the pool area, bring your own beach towels
Opening time: 9,00 – 20,00 The pool gets covered up for the night to keep the water warm, in the morning we clean the bottom
If you want to swim in the evening, please ask us at the latest in the afternoon, we will leave it uncovered and turn on the lights in the garden and in the pool
Help us keep the water clean: if you walk barefoot on the lawn, please rinse your feet at the shower tap
Do not leave floating objects when you come out of the water, they hinder the surface cleaning system towards the skimmers
Please, do not play football on the lawn of the swimming pool, the lawn and those who want to relax will be grateful!
Please, if there are other guests in the pool do not play any games in the water that may disturb them
The anti Covid measures require a minimum of 7 sqm of water per person: a maximum of 8 people can stay in our pool at the same time

Dogs and Cats
Both dogs and cats live with us at Frallarenza. Obviously cats are free to wander however and whenever they like.
Pets are not allowed if you didn’t talk about it with us before booking. Only our explicit written permission by email authorizes
you to bring your pet to our agriturismo.
Our authorisation implies the acceptance of the following rules to be observed during your stay:
We only accept dogs that are not aggressive towards cats
Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, never left them free or alone
Do not bring your dog to the pool area, it is not hygienic and can be annoying to others
Collect the dog's needs with the dedicated scoops in the garden, you can throw them in the woods where they don't bother
Do not leave the dog alone in the apartment if you are not sure that it cannot do damage
The dog must sleep inside the apartment
If you can't avoid him from getting on the beds and sofas, put a protective cloth; if you don't have it, we'll give it to you
Make sure he does not bark constantly, especially at night

Ask for more details when you make your reservation

Other facilities and prices

    • Heating
    • Included
    • Wood for fireplace/stove
    • according to usage
    • Water
    • Included
    • Electricity
    • Included
    • Gas
    • Included
    • Daily cleaning service
    • Not Available
    • Weekly cleaning service
    • Not Available
    • End-of-stay cleaning
    • Included
    • Daily change of linen
    • Not Available
    • Weekly change of linen
    • Included
    • Set of bathroom towels
    • Included
    • Set of kitchen linen
    • Included
    • Set of bed linen
    • Included
    • Set of swimming pool towels
    • Not Available
    • Use of laundry room
    • Included
    • Cot
    • Included
    • Extra bed
    • Included
    • Internet station
    • Not Available
    • Wireless internet connection
    • Included
    • Barbecue
    • Included
    • Satellite television
    • Included
    • Meal
    • Not Available
    • Parking
    • Included
    • Air conditioning
    • Included
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