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How the platform works -

How the platform works -

Our Role operates as a marketplace with the largest selection of Italian agriturismo (farmhouses). Our marketplace matches in a few seconds all the offers and proposes them to you according to the criteria of classification defined below.

The marketplace integrates a vast inventory in one simple search and enables users to book or inquire accommodations from diverse providers on the platform. receives a commission from the provider for each successful mediation of a booking. Depending on their agreement with, providers may also pay a subscription to get their offer listed. does not conclude any booking contract with travelers. Contracts are entered into directly with the provider and/or the owner of the property. Any complaints regarding your booking, cancellation or refund request should therefore be directed to the provider. However, we will do our best to assist you with any such claims, if possible.

For more details, please see our General Terms and Conditions of Use.

How are the offers we display on our platform selected?

The offers we propose are not exhaustive.
We work with thousands of trusted providers. For their offers to be listed, these providers must offer tourist accommodation for rent, or allow owners to offer accommodation for rent and to conclude rental contracts through them.
Our providers pay us according to the terms of the agreement we enter with them. Providers who do not pay are not listed. Offers from our providers may also be removed if a provider does not comply with the terms of our agreement, if the agreement expires or due to other legal reasons.

Method for updating offers

The prices and information of the offers displayed on our platform are determined and provided by our providers, either through the platform or other technical tools. Our providers are solely responsible for the accuracy of such prices and information, which we cannot guarantee.  
The offers’ information updated through the platform are immediately available to the users while a delay may occur when other technical tools are involved.

How are offers ranked?

The ranking order of the offers on the search results pages of the platform is based on a dynamic algorithm that assigns a score to each offer. The offer score is constantly updated and causes the order in which offers appear in search results to be dynamic and subject to change.

The score may vary according to a combination of different  factors, such as:

- The commissions received from providers: within this scope, the combination of the following parameters predominantly affects the sorting of search:

- The type of subscription purchased: the higher is the price paid by our providers, the higher will be the score for this parameter;

- Extra-visibility: providers can also buy an extra visibility service that allows offers to obtain a boost in the ranking

- The selected conversion type: within the scope of this aspect we reward those offers that choose both bookings and open inquiries over those who offer only one of these options. Then the offers with instant booking obtain a higher score over those who provide the binding inquiry (booking with host confirmation).

- The quality of the offer: within each tier defined by services selected by the partner, other quality attributes (such as the booking confirmation rate, the average host’s reaction time, the completeness of the offer description, the number of inquiries provided to the property) influence the final sorting of the offers.

To conclude, Agriturismo’s mission is to provide travelers with the information and tools to help them find an ideal accommodation, among a very large number of available offers.

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