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Monferrato Resort is a location of prestigious beauty that offers a magnificent view of the surrounding hills and its vineyards thanks to the large panoramic terrace, the welcoming green areas and the Rondine room accompanied by a large veranda.Notable the pool surrounded by an area relaxation with umbrellas, sun loungers, shower, wetting assistant. Close to the grill area where one of our chefs takes care of cooking top quality Piedmontese meat all with vegetables from our gardens. you can taste the typical dishes of the Monferrato cuisine. Thanks to the large rooms you can do all kinds of events: business meetings, conventions, congresses, parties, weddings, any other type of ceremony.

The accommodation

Monferrato Resort is nestled on a hill in the village of Cereseto, a small gem in the green hills of Monferrato, dominated by the imposing and turreted Castello Gualino, one of the most beautiful in the whole area. Monferrato Resort is a location of prestigious beauty that offers its customers a magnificent view of the surrounding hills and its vineyards thanks to the large panoramic terrace, the welcoming green areas of the estate and the restaurant La Rondine accompanied by a large veranda. Remarkable and welcoming the infinity pool fully renovated and surrounded by a large relaxation area with umbrellas, sun loungers, shower, wetting assistant. Near the grill area in which one of our chefs takes care of the cooking of Piedmontese meat of first quality all with vegetables from our gardens. Characterized by the colors of tufa and brick, stands out as an ancient jewel set in the green of the park that extends around it and is the intersection of two areas elected to UNESCO World Heritage: that of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato and that of Park and Sacro Monte di Crea. In addition to 9 comfortable rooms where you can stay in total relaxation, Monferrato Resort offers several dining rooms where you can taste the typical dishes of the Monferrato cuisine (most of the products offered are of our production) accompanied by the fine wines of Monferrato and Langhe; gluten free cooking is available and any allergy or intolerance problem is solved with ease and professionalism. Thanks to the large rooms you can do all kinds of events: business meetings, conventions, conferences, parties, weddings, any other type of ceremony. Your little four-legged friends are welcome and in the estate you can approach our dear animals: goats, sheep, deer, and finally ... in the pond at the beginning of the property our aquatic.

Activities and surrounding

The Monferrato Resort is located in the middle of an ideal triangle that has at the top the cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa and, smaller, the cities of Alessandria, Asti and Vercelli. Its geographical position is therefore ideal for those who want to enjoy a relaxing break surrounded by unspoiled nature. The area in which it is located is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Langhe and Roero while in front, on the top of a hill, stands the Sanctuary of Crea with its Sacro Monte, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just three kilometers away there is another small pearl of the Monferrato Casalese: the city of Moncalvo known throughout the world for the truffle fair and that of the Bue Grasso. All the surrounding area is dotted with small social cellars and wineries, where you can taste all the local productions and then Barbera, Grignolino, Chardonnay, Albarossa, Rubino di Cantavenna, Rosso del Monferrato, RouchŔ. For those interested in a more cultural itinerary, the city of Casale Monferrato offers beautiful churches including the Duomo, the civic tower, the synagogue, the museum with an adjoining plaster collection of Bistolfi. Casale Monferrato is a city rich in art, history, traditions and culture, as evidenced by the noble residences, historic buildings, monuments, churches and the famous castles scattered on the hills of Monferrato. The historic center, in particular, represents the best evidence of the illustrious past of Casale, with the castle of the Paleologi, the civic tower of the eleventh century, the Duomo, one of the most grandiose examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture of Piedmont, the palaces of Via Mameli among which those where the Town Hall is located, with the elegant example of baroque Casale recognizable in the Treville palace, the Synagogue in the characteristic Jewish ghetto. The Duomo: after the entrance door, you are welcomed into the evocative environment of the narthex, grandiose and very rare in Italy, which is perhaps the most noteworthy part of the building, whose nine-compartment vault is a masterpiece of statics; this type of entry is unique in Italy while it presents numerous references to Armenian and Islamic architecture (the latter perhaps due to the presence of Muslim slave labor on the territory). Inside it maintains the 12th century structure with five narrow naves. The Synagogue and the Jewish Museum: it was built in the center of the ghetto, in vicolo Salomone Olper, in 1595. It is a monument of enormous historical and artistic interest and remains a perennial testimony of the greatness of a Piedmontese Jewish community which life of Casale Monferrato. Externally it does not present any artistic interest, but as soon as the visitor's eye opens inside it is admired for the richness and variety of the wooden decorations and the precious plaster stuccos.Museo Civico and Gipsoteca Bistolfi: inside the cloister of Santa Croce, behind the neoclassical facade of the Magnocavalli (1758) we find the Civic Museum of Casale Monferrato. The museum heritage collected here, largely the result of donations and bequests, can be divided into two main permanent collections: the upper gallery and the gallery on the ground floor. Among the various works that make it up, the Museo Civico di Casale Monferrato includes some works by Pietro Francesco Guala from Casalese, one of the best representatives of the 18th century in Piedmont, such as: The Judgment of Solomon and the sketch with La Disfatta degli Albigesi (the painting is in the Church of San Domenico). The Civic Tower: placed on the right side of the central Via Saffi entering the city also of the XI-XII century was embellished by a bell cell (M. Sammicheli) superimposed in 1504. Alta mt. 60 overhung by anemoscope vane with the Gonzaga crest. On the side there is the church of S. Stefano with paintings by P. Francesco Guala, Cairo, Caroto, Caccia "Il Moncalvo". Moncalvo is a dynamic city, considered the capital of the white truffle of Monferrato; among the main towns of Monferrato, this town is located on a hill to the north-east of the capital and the borders of the province of Alessandria and immediately adjacent to the town of Cereseto, where stands the Monferrato Resort. Among the artistic assets we remember the castle, which are well preserved the bastions of the fourteenth century with towers that in the west delimitate the playing field of tamburello; the Church of San Francesco of the twelfth century: inside the three naves we find paintings by Guglielmo Caccia called the Moncalvo: its food and wine specialties that attract many tourists are: the white truffle, the mixed boiled meats, the agnolotti monferrini, the finanziera ( rich gravy consisting of chicken and veal offal with mushrooms and capers), the mixed fried (a single dish composed of brains, sweetbreads, liver, lung, sweet fry, etc.), the 'tirci' (rustic cake), the bunŔt (species of pudding). The patronal feast of Sant'Antonino is celebrated on the third Sunday of May with gastronomic evenings and concerts, but the tourist industry of Moncalvo has developed thanks to many other events, from the presence of restaurants, sports facilities, an art gallery and of the theater season at the beautiful Municipal Theater. The equestrian tournament of the Municipalities of the Monferrato (summer period) was very popular; after mid-June, the Monferrato cuisine festival takes place, with the participation of the local restaurants of Asti with their food stands; in July there is music with open-air rock and jazz concerts; in September the country participates in the Palio di Asti; in October the Truffle Fair and exhibition-contest, where you can buy typical local products. The Sacred Mount of Crea (one of the first to be built according to the original purpose of topographically reconstructing the Holy Places of Jerusalem to remedy the difficulties of pilgrims to go outside the Italian territory in very distant and dangerous places) is composed of twenty-three chapels and five hitters connected by paths that climb into the woods lead to the chapel of Paradise, located on the top of the hill. In the chapels the statues in polychrome terracotta statues and the paintings that illustrate the mysteries of the Rosary, are the work of artists such as Bistolfi, G. Caccia called the Moncalvo, the Fiamminghino and the Tabachetti brothers. On the square the Basilica with inside the venerated wooden statue of the Madonna, frescoes, paintings and ex voto. The Natural Park extends on one of the highest hills of Monferrato and is of considerable botanical interest due to the presence of floristic elements and species of rare insects or outside the normal allocation. The Sacred Mountains of Piedmont, together with those of Lombardy, were included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 2003. On 22 June 2014, the "Vineyard landscapes of Piedmont: Langhe - Roero and Monferrato" became the 50th Italian site registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The site has a territorial extension of over 10 thousand hectares and is made up of 6 components: Langa del Barolo, Colline del Barbaresco, Nizza Monferrato and Barbera, Canelli and Asti Spumante, Castello di Grinzane Cavour, Monferrato degli infern˛t. The Piemontese term infern˛t indicates an underground room built by hand digging a particular sandstone rock, the stone from cantons, or the tuff and usually used as a cellar or pantry. A common feature of cellars and infern˛t is the absence of light and direct ventilation. The infern˛t is however distinguished from the actual cellar, with respect to which it generally occupies a lower position and performs a subsidiary function, concentrated on the conservation of bottled wine. The infern˛t were built almost all by peasants or quarrymen without any notion of engineering or architecture, but they are still intact thanks to the solidity and the particular resistance of the excavation material. The Monferrato of the infernot is a portion of the Monferrato territory characterized by a particular concentration of the singular and valuable typology of architecture characterized by rooms dug in the Pietra da Cantoni. The Municipalities recognized as UNESCO heritage for the infernot component are Camagna Monferrato, Cella Monte, Frassinello Monferrato, Olivola, Ottiglio, Ozzano Monferrato, Rosignano Monferrato, Sala Monferrato and Vignale Monferrato. The Monferrato Resort, although falling for a large part in the territory of Cereseto, has a part of its land in the municipality of Ottiglio and then proudly and in some ways participates in the fortune of being UNESCO territory, among other things almost like a zip with the other area declared for a long time a world heritage placed in front of it and that is the Park of Crea with the Sacred Mountain and the Marian Shrine.


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Monferrato Resort
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