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About Us is the go-to destination for farm holidays in Italy

Only real farmhouses is the reference point for tourists looking for a farm and for people who manage them.

We believe that a farm is much more than just accommodation in the green, for this reason we are the only site that promotes only real farmhouses authorized, not b&b or holiday homes in the green.

We know that farmhouses are so special and different from each other that sometimes it can be difficult, from behind a screen, to understand what to expect. For this reason we offer accurate descriptions and useful tools to easily find the most suitable farm for everyone.

In these years we have also learned that managing a farm holiday is not an easy task, and requires many different skills.

For this reason, our support for Italian agritourisms is not limited to promotion: as our affiliates are well aware, the staff of assists companies in the online promotion, with an excellent service of assistance and training projects.


Feries is the Italian leader in the online rural and vacation rental segment with its and brands. Feries offers holiday solutions to over 15 million international travellers annually.

Feries employs a young and dynamic team of 40 people based out of Milan, Italy, united by a passion for tourism and innovation.


Our values

We are passionate about technology, tourism and our country. For this reason, we have been working for 20 years to facilitate, through technology, the meeting and booking within the Italian non-hotel tourism sector.

Move fast
In a rapidly changing environment, speed of thought and action has always been one of our goals and strengths.

We love simplicity and continually strive to streamline and improve processes, procedures and activities. In addition, we strive every day to make the experience on our portal simple and intuitive for all tourists and owners who rely on us.

Have fun
We still have a startup spirit and we believe that great results require great commitment... but also great fun!

We believe that teamwork multiplies individual strengths. We expect everyone to actively participate in Feries, and the diversity of our human resources is one of our strengths.

Our history

• July 2001 - is born

• April 2004 - The first employee of is hired (and yes, she still works with us)

• September 2010 - is born

• June 2016 - The Feries brand is launched

• October 2016 - joins the Feries family

• March 2017 - The and teams move to the new headquarters in Milan

• September 2018 - Feries joins the HomeToGo Group

• September 2021 - HomeToGo SE begins listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


The average monthly number of active recipients of our service in the EU is 522.152

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