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Art and Culture

Italy has extensive artistic and cultural heritage, often hidden in tiny villages off the beaten track of mass tourism. An agriturismo can often be an excellent base for discovering these hidden gems, thanks to the owners' deep local knowledge.

Summer in Tuscany

If you opt for Tuscany as the location for your summer holidays, you can take your pick of an extraordinary variety of natural and manmade settings, whether you are looking to stay by the sea, prefer relaxing in the roll...

Culture, sea and nature: summer in Emilia Romagna

Discover both ancient and modern life in the streets of cool villages perched on green hills, in the shadow of fortresses and castles, but just a stone’s throw from the sea. In Emilia Romagna, passion for good livi...

A trip to Montefeltro: what to see and do

A leap into a land nestled in the Central Apennines, bordering on the Marches, Romagna and Tuscany. This is Montefeltro, an area to discover and love!

From Viterbo to Tuscania

Follow the traces of the Etruscan civilization through the enchanting towns of the upper Lazio region on a journey filled with beauty. Discover the favourite destinations of noble families and pontiffs, as architecture a...

From Ferrara to the Po Delta

A suggestive itinerary, which begins from Ferrara and, on foot or by bike, delves into a neatly ordered succession of valleys and fields joined together by canals, embellished by poplar forests and other trees, and inter...

Rome in the autumn. Three days to discover Rome and the magic of its surroundings.

Rome in a day, to get an idea of its charm and grandeur, before continuing along the historic Via Tiburtina, out to discover unusual sights, until coming across the peace and nature of Lake Bracciano, a route packed with...

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