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Campania offers its visitors more than 400 kilometres of coastline in the provinces of Caserta, Napoli and Salerno, perfect for those looking for a beach holiday. Lovers of archaeology should certainly visit Paestum and Ercolano, while nature fans can relax in the green provinces of Avellino and Benevento.

Agriturismi with restaurant for Easter and Spring

Searching for an agriturismo with a restaurant for Easter break or spring vacation?

Easter in Italy

Easter is approaching, how about spending a few days in one of Italy's many farm holiday centres?

What to eat in Amalfi Coast: local bites in Campania

Let’s travel to the heart of gastronomy on the Amalfi Coast, where we’ll shed light on some typical dishes, ingredients and small curiosities about Amalfi’s unique cuisine.

Romantic New Year's Eve in a chalet or farmhouse

Whether it's a chalet in the snow, a farmhouse in the middle of the quiet countryside or an agritourism just a few steps from the ski slopes, spending New Year's Eve on a farm is absolutely magical. 

Italy in November: 10 destinations for your vacation

Here we are again with our monthly Top 10 travel suggestions for November!

Children's Month: free in agriturismo in September

Children’s Month is a special initiative just for kids! Families can spend their vacation in a farm setting completely immersed in nature, where healthy food and kid-friendly activities abound!

Agriturismi for an eco-organic vacation

Our agriturismi according to region, so you can plan an all-green vacation!

Holidays in the Amalfi Coast and Capri

One of the most beautiful and famous panoramic roads in the world is certainly the Amalfi Coast. Unfolding along the Gulf of Salerno up to Capri, it offers spectacular views of the sea and mountains, colorful homes perch...

Pet month: in agriturismo with our animals

The month of May is Pet Month. These are the agriturismi that support the initiative!

Visiting Italy in April: 10 top travel destinations

Where to go during the month? Here are out top-10 picks for April!

Christmas Markets 2016 in Italy

With all these Christmas scents around, what about visiting some flea markets? Come visit Italy!

The 6 most famous historic markets in Italy

Don’t miss these destinations, from north to south, and discover Italy’s most famous historic markets

Five flavours to try this autumn in Italy

Ruby red wine, fragrant crisp apples, pungent aged cheese…  Italy is full of irresistible flavours! Take your taste buds on a journey of Lombardy, Campania, Apulia, Tuscany and Trentino-Alto Adige on this del...

Christmas Markets 2012: craftsmanship, tradition and quality.

For a special weekend or a few days away in the holiday period, discover the traditional Christmas markets in South Tyrol, the magical atmosphere of the oldest live nativity scene in Italy in Umbria, the blend of traditi...

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