Agriturismos with educational farms

We’ve made a list of all the agriturismo with educational farms, and divided them by region. So you can pick where to take your family on your next Italian break.

On an educational farm, your little ones can play, have fun and stroke the animals they have seen in books, but above all discover new and exciting things in an original, creative experience.

If you would like to take your kids to the country to learn something special and understand where their food comes from, or just get up close with nature, then an agriturismo with educational farm is the ideal choice for you.

All about educational farms

But what is an educational farm? An educational farm is an agriturismo that organises active educational activities, especially for children and young people. The activities are delivered by specialised personnel, and designed to help your little ones discover farm life, getting them involved in producing a typical item, for example, or in other activities, such as harvesting fruit and vegetables.

Do you know how educational farms began? The very first farms, where city-dwellers could come and learn about rural life, were born in Scandinavia, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Gradually, the idea of creating farms for this kind of activity travelled south, reaching the Mediterranean in around the 1970s. In Italy, the first real project of this type was only established in 1967 thanks to Alimos, a society of agronomists and agricultural technicians who wanted to encourage innovation in the fruit and vegetable sector, to support environmental protection and to spread a new food culture.

Some of the best agriturismos with educational farms

Every agriturismo with educational farm is special in its own way.

Here are just some of those who offer custom-created experiences for children. Agriturismo 'A Lanterna di Monasterace (Reggio Calabria) offers an agricultural trail, archaeology and a workshop. Il Girasole di Assisi (Assisi, Perugia) boasts an educational farm with a whole host of animals: children can pet Perla and Gemma the ponies, and meet the goats who give milk, two puppies who forage for truffles, two cats, the parrots in the aviary, the tortoises, and visit the henhouse with its cockerels and hens, geese and ducks.

Al Borg di Paluzza (Udine), as well as an agriturismo, is also an educational farm, open to schools and small groups on request. Here, the experience begins with meeting the farm’s sheep, and includes the chance to learn about the production of wool and the tools with which decorative items and clothing are made.

La Miando dal 1989, an agriturismo in Salza di Pinerolo (Turin) has an educational farm recognised by the Piedmont region, which offers a wealth of activities for groups. Scuderia della Valle in Sant’Omobono Terme (Bergamo) opens up its farm on Sundays: children can play and take part in creative workshops and activities, led by the agriturismo's staff. They can meet the farm animals and enjoy a llama excursion too.

All agriturismos with educational farms

Then there are all the rest. Here you'll find all of our agriturismo with educational farms, divided by region:

Agriturismo Abruzzo with educational farm
Agriturismo Aosta Valley with educational farm
Agriturismo Apulia with educational farm
Agriturismo Basilicata with educational farm
Agriturismo Calabria with educational farm
Agriturismo Campania with educational farm
Agriturismo Emilia-Romagna with educational farm
Agriturismo Friuli-Venezia Giulia with educational farm
Agriturismo Lazio with educational farm
Agriturismo Liguria with educational farm
Agriturismo Lombardy with educational farm
Agriturismo Marches with educational farm
Agriturismo Molise with educational farm
Agriturismo Piedmont with educational farm
Agriturismo Sardinia with educational farm
Agriturismo Sicily with educational farm
Agriturismo Tuscany with educational farm
Agriturismo Trentino-Alto Adige with educational farm
Agriturismo Umbria with educational farm
Agriturismo Veneto with educational farm

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