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Discover our farmhouses with cooking classes, to learn the art of ancient knowledge!

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There are many reasons that can push us to attend a cooking class in agriturismo while we are on the road. One of them: to get closer to the tradition of the place in its most tasty aspect, the one related to local dishes, to discover customs of a culture that we do not yet know.

But there is also the curiosity to put our hands in the dough and start to pull the dough if we have never done so, the desire to experience a different cuisine, such as vegetarian or Renaissance cuisine, which at home we will not have the opportunity to deepen, and the desire to share a new experience with our children (yes because some farmhouses organize cooking classes for both adults and children!).

So what better place than a farmhouse to attend one? Think only about the possibility to taste the products grown directly in the farm, the willingness of the hosts ready to let you discover the secrets of grandmothers and the beauty of a natural setting.

There are many agritourisms that allow their guests to participate in a cooking class, so much so that we decided to collect them all in a special list of farmhoues with cooking classes!

Traditional cooking courses in a farmhouse

If this is the first time you attend a cooking class, you should start from the basics and follow the managers who provide the recipes passed through generations. They are ready to tell you all the secrets so that you can acquire the right skills to propose the most traditional regional dishes once you return home.

For example, a few kilometers from the crystal clear sea of Sicily stands the Agriturismo Le Chiuse di Guadagna of Scicli.

The farmhouse, very characteristic at an architectural level, among stones, dry-stone walls and expanses of centuries-old carob trees, offers local cooking classes held by local housewives and based on ancient recipes handed down from oral tales. There’s nothing more traditional than this!

Veg and gluten-free cooking classes at a farmhouse

Those who are dedicated to vegetarian cuisine or simply love dishes based on vegetables can take advantage of the proposal of some farmhouses with vegetarian or vegan cuisine, attentive to this type of issues.

At Agriturismo Fontallorso di Pelago (Florence) the cooking classes - as well as the restaurant - are exclusively vegetarian and vegan: in addition to the products grown in the garden, without any fertilization or pesticide, you will find the delicious nectar offered by their bees and lots of opportunity to learn the secrets of this cuisine.

Coeliac friends, on the other hand, are welcome in many farmhouses that, with their long experience, try to put them at ease, making them feel comfortable and letting them choose between many dishes. But above all by organizing cooking classes that include the preparation of delicious local gluten-free dishes.

Cooking courses in a farmhouse to learn how to knead

Making pasta at home is like making magic. In many of our farmhouses you can enjoy special courses where you can make egg, flour or durum wheat dough and shape your pasta in the right way.

Alternative cooking courses

If in life as well as in the kitchen you love to experiment, there are two farmhouses where you can find truly unusual cooking classes, which we want to recommend.

Do you know what macrobiotic cooking is? Macrobiotic cooking believes that food has certain values, those of yin and yang balance: according to these principles, the dishes become a materialization of energy and with them you can keep your health under control. 

This type of cooking is based solely on cereals, fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in learning more and have a complete list of recipes, the Agriturismo La Casina Bassa in Castiglione del Lago is ready to provide you with all the necessary knowledge. In addition to its knowledge in culinary matters, take advantage of the central location of the farm that will allow you to visit the most beautiful cities of art in Umbria and Tuscany.

What if we told you that in the Agriturismo Torraccia di Chiusi di San Gimignano you can discover what was eaten during the Renaissance but also what were the favourite dishes of the Etruscans and Romans?

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