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Ideas for an eco-friendly vacation in Italy!

There are over 700 places listed on where you can take an eco-friendly vacation. Here are a few of our suggestions!

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Why say “no” to an eco-friendly vacation? Over the past several years, sustainable travel  has been rapidly growing in popularity. More and more often, travelers are choosing holidays where they can not only relax and have fun, but do so in greater respect for the environment and their carbon footprint. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly vacation, offers a selection of over 700 farms dedicated to sustainable practices.

Check out our agriturismi for an eco-friendly vacation in Italy!

In the meantime, we’ve selected a few for you, each one special in its own way...

Agriturismo Polisena - L'altro Agriturismo

Nestled in vineyards but close to the most important cities in Lombardy, Agriturismo Polisena is located in Pontida in the province of Bergamo. An 18th century farmhouse, its philosophy is based on "life, nature, and transparency."

Agriturismo Polisena was the first agriturismo in Italy to obtain a Klimahotel certificate. What does that mean? In short, that the agriturismo not only saves energy, but also respects the environment and people. For instance, it was renovated with eco-friendly building materials, bio-switches, radon gas monitorization, non-toxic furnishings, natural textiles, wood fiber insulation and soundproofing. 

The agriturismo serves local food and fosters a tranquil environment to ensures guests’ overall well-being. In-room TVs are provided only upon request and... there’s a Bio-Spa!


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Agriturismo Masseria Gianferrante

It’s quite exceptional to sleep in one of the oldest fortified masserie in all of Puglia, especially one that is attentive to eco-friendly principles! At Agriturismo Masseria Gianferrante you can do just that. 

Located in Ugento in the Lecce province, a land rich in traditional craftsmanship, food, music and dancing, the agriturismo dates back to the 12th century. Its certified organic farm grows local varieties of heirloom produce and the agriturismo makes its own extra virgin olive oil, tomato sauce and dried tomatoes. It also has citrus groves whose fruit is transformed into delicious jams for breakfast.  

And its eco-friendly characteristics? Agriturismo Masseria Gianferrante has a solar heating system, adheres to Zero Waste Strategies – a cyclical lifespan philosophy that turns waste into a resource, employs a natural water purification system and utilizes phyto-purification on its farm.

Agriturismo Villa Stabbia

Let’s head to Tuscany, more specifically Val di Nievole, where in Massa e Cozzile in Pistoia you’ll find Agriturismo Villa Stabbia. This farmhouse produces an award-winning extra virgin olive oil and has a longstanding policy of eco-friendly practices. 

Of particular note, Agriturismo Villa Stabbia uses only natural fertilizers, collects and reutilizes rain water and grows its own produce in a synergetic veggie patch. Plus, the farm’s electricity is provided by photovoltaic solar panels.

Connecting to nature is also encouraged by the agriturismo’s onsite activities. Guests can take guided nature walks and kids will have fun at the stables where there are several horses available to ride.


Maso Grener

Agriturismo Maso Grener, a lovely farmhouse in Lavis in the Trento province, has adhered to its environmental principles in the vineyards and at the agriturismo for many years. 

What the owners have done is truly unique: the vineyards are farmed in a “rational” way, with the goal of growing grapes in harmony with the whole ecosystem. Guests at Agriturismo Maso Grener can learn how green manure works and about farming practices aimed at eliminating the use of heavy machinery.

The farmhouse was renovated in 2012 and solar panels were added. Renewable energy now provides 30% of its energy needs. Thanks to the ancient aqueduct of Pressano, cisterns collect rainwater which is then reused on the farm. In addition, native flora has been preserved to encourage the proliferation of local fauna.

The agriturismo’s special attention to the environment continues today. Recently, an insect ‘hotel’ was created to provide beneficial insects a place to take shelter and reproduce.



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Agriturismo Sant'Egle - Agriturismo Biologico

Agriturismo Sant'Egle

Agriturismo Sant'Egle of Sorano (Grosseto) is a historic site. In the 1600s its was a customhouse where people crossed the border between the Pontifical State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in seek of shelter and food.

Today, the agritourism has been completely renovated and is the ideal location for anyone looking for a special getaway. Tastefully furnished, it offers warm Tuscan hospitality and authentic local cuisine.

Sant'Egle is a certified organic agriturismo. Spirulina, saffron, fruit and veggies grow on its farm following synergetic and biodynamic methods. As of 2015 there is also a one-hectare truffle field where Tuber Brumale can be found. 

Guests can also enjoy the bio pool and a holistic wellness area. And best of all? You can stay guilt-free - 100% of the agriturismo’s energy comes from renewable sources!

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