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Visiting Pomarance in autumn

Fancy a trip to Tuscany next autumn? Visit Pomarance and get ready to be wow’ed by its beauty!

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Most people imagine the Tuscan countryside in summertime when the hills alternate between colors of green and burnt yellow and sunflower fields grow alongside rows of cypress trees. Few consider the beauty of autumn in these lands, but we guarantee it’s just as magical!

Pomarance, Toscana

The Tuscan countryside surrounding Pomarance in the province of Pisa is surrounded by a romantic halo in autumn. The soft light typical of the months before winter exudes a nostalgic charm. Indeed, visiting Pomarance in fall feels a lot like traveling back in time. 

Pomarance in autunno paesaggio

As the light fades, walking through the medieval village’s stone towers and narrow streets filled with the scent of Tuscan cooking becomes an almost surreal experience.

Autumn at Pomarance on the table

Pomarance a tavola

Upon arriving in Pomarance, start your visit by sitting down at the table of a farmhouse restaurant where you can enjoy some of its seasonal dishes. Many of Pomarance's farmhouse restaurants are family-run and offer fall menus featuring mushrooms and chestnuts harvested in the nearby woods and accompanied by excellent vino novello, just-pressed wine.

The typical cuisine of Val di Cecina includes country dishes that pair perfectly with autumn’s chillier weather. Warm up with the excellent Tuscan soups featuring local ingredients grown around Volterra, such as cabbage, beans, onions and seasonal vegetables. Start or end your meal with a platter of Tuscan pecorino cheese and cold cuts, washed down with a local red wine like Montecastelli IPG.

Pomarance and its activities

To best experience autumn around Pomarance, visit the enchanting forest of Berignone whose oaks and broad-leaf trees are tinted with warm fall colors. Wandering through the landscape has a regenerating power, especially when you can walk along the river banks and enjoy places like Masso delle Fanciulle without the summer crowds, accompanied only by the silence of nature.

Pomarance, tramonto

The best place to admire autumn’s colorful panorama is Rocca Sillana, one of the area’s most famous attractions. The fortification is perched at 500 meters and was once utilised to defend against attacks. Today the site is the best spot to admire the gorgeous view of Val di Cecina.

Pomarance, la Rocca Sillana

Pomarance isn’t far from important cities such as Siena, Florence and Pisa and Tuscany’s coastal villages can be reached in less than a half an hour. Make sure to plan a nice walk by the sea!

Beautiful things in Pomarance in autumn

Visiting an ancient medieval village, walking in the forests or strolling by the sea aren’t the only activities around Pomarance.

Pomarance, raccolta delle olive

Between October and November you can also experience the grape and olive harvest happening around the entire territory of Val di Cecina. Take a drive through the countryside where you can see farmers engaged in the harvest and smell the oil at the village mill. It’s a quintessential autumn experience that will restore your well-being and fill you with joy!

Pomarance, vendemmia

Where to sleep in Pomarance in autumn

Looking forward to visiting Pomarance in the fall? Choose one of our fabulous farmhouses! We have a solution for every type of trip and traveler (couples, groups or families). Try it to believe it!

Agritourism in Pomarance

Case vacanza a Pomarance

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