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Italy in July: 10 destinations to visit

Summer is finally here! If you haven’t made plans for July, why not organize a weekend or a relaxing holiday in Italy with us?

  • 1. Gran Paradiso
  • 2. Mantova
  • 3. Levico Terme
  • 4. Cinque Terre
  • 5. Island of Elba
  • 6. Ponza
  • 7. Assisi
  • 8. Capo Rizzuto
  • 9. Maratea
  • 10. Pantelleria
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July is quickly approaching, and with it, the desire to spend a dreamy summer full of relaxation, culture and fun. There are many Italian destinations that provide all of this and more, but choosing the best one is a difficult task. Never fear! Here is our list of Top 10 amazing destinations for the month of July

Gran Paradiso National Park, Aosta Valley

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A full immersion in nature awaits you in the famous Gran Paradiso National Park in Valle d'Aosta.

One of the most spectacular parts of Italy, Gran Paradiso National Park is home to a variety of fauna and incredible flora that visitors of all ages will enjoy. Established in 1922, the park is the oldest in Italy. Lose yourself in the tranquility and beauty of nature where flowers bloom in every hue, rivers cascade into waterfalls and animals that make the mountains their home roam freely. 

After a day exploring the park, relax at one of the farmhouses around Aosta where the local culinary traditions are truly unparalleled.

See all our farmhouses in the Aosta Valley!

2. Mantova - Lombardy

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The city of Mantua in Lombardy has a completely different allure. Here too, you will be surrounded by beauty, but that of monuments, ancient buildings and works of art that together made Mantua the Capital of Culture in 2016.

During your stay in this architectural jewel in northern Italy, visit the castle, Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo della Ragione, Casa del Mantegna and other monuments where you can discover an important piece of Italy’s history.

For a quick escape into nature, visit the lakes outside of Mantua where you can cool off along the beautiful banks.

See all our farmhouses in Mantua!

3. Levico Terme – Trentino Alto Adige

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Another destination on the list for July is Levico Terme, a phenomenal place to enjoy the great outdoors and engage in some much-needed relaxation. Located in Trentino Alto Adige, it’s a natural oasis framed by the beautiful Italian mountains.

There are many trekking trails and easy walks that kids will enjoy, or you can choose to rejuvenate in a local wellness spa. Perfect for both sports enthusiasts and families, it’s the ideal retreat for an unforgettable summer holiday.

See all our farmhouses in the province of Trento!

4. Cinque Terre – Liguria

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One the most popular destinations in Italy, appreciated by both Italians and tourists from abroad, is undoubtedly the Cinque Terre in Liguria. Along this sublime stretch of coast you can explore the characteristic seaside villages and their colorful houses - almost too pretty to be real.

Customize your own itinerary on foot, by train or by boat. And after a fun day of sightseeing, stop in one of the many farmhouses near the sea where you can taste delightful Ligurian cuisine.

See all our farmhouses of the Cinque Terre!

5. Isola d'Elba – Tuscany

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Tucany’s Elba island is certainly one of Italy’s most inviting destinations. Here you can enjoy the crystal clear sea and pretty spots like Porto Ferrario, Capoliveri, Marciana Marina, Marina di Campo and other towns rich in history and culture.

July is the ideal month to visit as the onslaught of tourists is a few weeks off, and temperatures are perfect for swimming in the beautiful sea. Easy to reach, Elba is connected by ferry to the port of Piombino.

See all our farmhouses on the Island of Elba!

6. Ponza – Lazio

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Another beautiful but lesser-known Italian island is Ponza in Lazio. In July it’s already beach-weather on the island, a precursor to the long, hot summer days to come. 

Easily accessible from the ports of Latina, Formia and Anzio, the island is home to hidden caves and private coves where you can swim in the crystal-clear sea. Divers will be thrilled with Ponza’s underwater spectacles, while those preferring land can enjoy walking trails through the scented Mediterranean scrub.

See all our farmhouses near Ponza!

7. Assisi – Umbria

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Assisi is an ideal destination for those seeking reflection and introspection. Unfortunately, because of its fame, it’s difficult to find a time of year during which the Umbrian city is tourist-free.

Luckily, July is one of the quieter periods, making it a great time to step into the history of St. Francis and the local culture. Don’t forget to venture out into the Umbrian countryside where you can rejuvenate body and soul at one of our gorgeous regional farmhouses.

See all our farmhouses in Assisi!

8. Capo Rizzuto – Calabria

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Next on our Top 10 list for July is enchanting Calabria. If you’re travelling with the whole family, especially young children, we recommend visiting Capo Rizzuto in the Crotone province, a spectacular seaside resort with a protected marine area. Its golden beach and full array of amenities, many which cater to kids, guarantee an absolutely perfect holiday.

See all our farmhouses in Crotone and province!

9. Maratea – Basilicata

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For those in search of maritime adventures we highly recommend Maratea. This small angle of paradise, like the whole region of Basilicata, has only recently been rediscovered by tourists.

In this lovely southern city, you’ll find 30 kilometers of coastline where you can explore hidden coves, ravines and caves, or simply lounge on heavenly beaches with top-notch facilities. A wonderful destination for any type of traveler!

See all our farmhouses in Maratea!

10. Island of Pantelleria – Sicily

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By now, everyone knows that Sicily is one of the best places to combine history and nature in one holiday. For this very reason, we want to introduce you to a truly original destination: the island of Pantelleria.

Despite its miniscule dimensions, Pantelleria has much to offer tourists. Start your tour of the island with a flavorful journey into its local food and wine culture. Pantelleria’s cuisine  has roots in ancient Greece and can best be enjoyed at one of the farmhouses on the island.

After a meal and a rest, set off to discover the island’s natural attractions such as Mirror of Venus Lake, Great Mountain or Lake of the Ends. For a truly unique experience, stay in a dammusi, ancient lava stone constructions turned into characteristic accommodations.

See all our farmhouses in Pantelleria!

History, nature, art and good food all await you during the month of July. Wherever you choose to go, we know you won’t be disappointed!

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