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8 reasons why choose an agriturismo for your Italian vacation

What is the safest vacation in coronavirus times? We have 8 valid reasons to point out to a holiday in an Italian farmhouse!


If you are wondering what would be the best solution to go on holiday as soon as possible, we have the answer. Either you want to enjoy your holiday as a couple, with your family or with friends in complete safety, agriturismo has a number of advantages, especially in times like these. So there are 8 reasons why a farmhouse is ideal in times of coronavirus.

1. Choose an entire and isolated structure

There is no safer way to spend a holiday than to book an entire facility or apartment for yourself and your family or group of friends. Even better if the accommodation is not within the city, places like farmhouses are usually isolated, surrounded by the countryside and the sounds of nature. Wide spaces at your disposal, immersed in silence and devoted to relaxation.

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2. Let yourself be spoiled

If you can no longer think about what to eat and, above all, what to cook, the agriturismo can be again your solution. If you want to add to your intime vacation also moments on which to be 'pampered', you can look for a half board or full board solutions. In this way you will be able to benefit from all types of treatments available at the farmhouse, with breakfast, lunch and/or dinner included. You’ll have the opportunity to fully embrace your holiday and take a break from stove and hoven, choosing to taste the typical products of the farm cooked to art.

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3. Get in shape with healthy and wholesome food

Healthy environment also means healthy food. And where else to find good products but just a few steps away from your holiday accommodation? Farmhouses maintain their link with nature above all thanks to the possibility of having healthy, zero kilometer food. Food that, as we know, is the first ally for good health. Consuming genuine, organic, fresh products, guarantees enormous benefits to our body and immune system. A diet that is difficult to respect in town and within working hours. But we can take advantage of the holidays to refresh the spirit and give new life to our body!

4. Do outdoor activities with children and pets

After weeks spent at home, the only thing you feel like doing is spending some time outdoors. Especially children and pets will love it! With large open spaces available, vegetable gardens, meadows, woods and a farm stay are plenty of opportunities to do activities out of the ordinary. Excursions in nature, trips in the woods, horse riding, a bit of healthy trekking! In addition to this, there are other initiatives organized directly by the owners, such as educational farms for children, cooking, horticulture courses or visits to farm animals.

5. Relax by the pool

If you really don't want to miss anything on your holiday, then the advice is to look for a farmhouse with a swimming pool. Especially if you choose a destination far from the sea. There are many farm stays with large outdoor swimming pools, where you can spend days diving in and getting tanned by the pool. A real touch from summer that is difficult to give up.

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6. Learn the art of traditional cooking

Nobody liked being in quarantine. However, many took advantage of it to discover or rediscover ancient knowledge. For example,  those who have had the opportunity to take care of a vegetable garden or indoor plants, those who have tried their best in baking, or who have shown off their talents in the kitchen. In a farmhouse these are everyday activities. And you can learn all those techniques, tricks and secrets that hide behind an excellent product or a traditional recipe, thanks to the owners’ experience. Knowing the care that plants and vegetables need, discovering a lot about the food we usually eat. A great opportunity to learn and have fun!

Watch the video on how to baking bread at Agriturismo Valtidone Verde

7. Choose between countryside, sea and mountains

Which destination would you like to choose for your next vacation? Are you willing for a summer by the sea, or do you prefer the majestic charm of the mountains? Perhaps you think that spending a quiet, relaxing stay among the beautiful landscapes of the Italian countryside would be ideal. Wherever you want to get along on your vacation, you can find the right farmhouse: with a breathtaking sea view, in the heart of an alpine valley or among the rolling Tuscan hills. You will be spoilt for choice.

8. Enjoy it in every season

Even if you think it's too late to plan summer vacation, that’s no problem. The agriturismo is ready to welcome you in every season, always with different activities and fresh products. Even if you want to organize in September or October, don't feel out of time! Better, you’ll be able to find lower prices, probably still an excellent weather and the same charm of a summer holiday..



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