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Special courses and activities to do in agriturismo

If you would like to (also) learn something for your next holiday, agriturismo is the right place! Here are all the special courses and activities to do in agriturismo.

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The choice to take a holiday on a farm is a way to enjoy a stay outside the city, enjoy the taste of the countryside and fresh air, spend a pleasant trip surrounded by relaxing natural landscapes. Reasons that already lead us to choose these structures as places of reception ... and yet there is much more.

Many farmhouses, in addition to everything described above, want to give visitors something more: to share activities and interactive experiences, able to give added value to the holiday. Guests can thus take home a further wealth, made up of ancient knowledge and wisdom of the countryside.

For this reason, we wanted to simplify your life and collect, at once, the farmhouses that offer some of the most original and interesting activities to follow during a stay in their facilities. Look at everything you could learn during a holiday on a farm, and choose the courses and activities that are right for you.

Courses in agriculture - La Porta Dei Parchi in Abruzzo

A real return to nature is what you can experience in the farm La Porta dei Parchi, in Anversa degli Abruzzi, in the province of L'Aquila.

Here you can enter deeply into the agricultural processes, thanks to a real training on the field proposed by the managers, where experts in flora and fauna guide you to the discovery of the land and its products. Projections, walks in nature, experiences of cheesemaking and production of preserves allow you to learn about every aspect of rural life of the past, now hidden by the well-stocked shelves of the supermarket.

Corso La Porta dei Parchi

This agriturismo brings with it a long experience of training in schools, and through its training courses wants to rediscover the authentic tastes of the countryside, and the processes that are the basis of the food we eat daily.

By attending the activities and courses of the farm La Porta dei Parchi, there is also the opportunity to learn about the world of organic farming, understand how it works and the differences with traditional intensive farming.

Tree climbing course – Cà Marcantonio in Liguria

We arrive in Liguria, in the fascinating Val di Vara, in this 300 year old farmhouse.

Cà Marcantonio welcomes its guests among the charming landscapes of the valley, among chestnut trees, plums and apple trees, but also with a very special activity. You should know that the owner, Alberto Anzi, was Italian champion for three years of a particular discipline: tree climbing.

Corso di Tree Climbing

What is tree climbing? The ability to climb trees. All with equipment of the trade, such as ropes and gloves, to be able to carry out the activity in complete safety, and get to explore the surroundings from the top of the treetops. A feat for daredevils, and a fascinating way to put your skills to the test...'monkey'.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to ride the nice donkeys, as well as participate in the care of farm animals, and to recognize different types of clays, from those to model to those to color.

Welness courses – Pianconvento in Emilia Romagna

If the natural landscapes are able to restore our well-being, they are also the best places to practice exercises aimed at regenerating and rebalancing our psychophysical centers. This is what the Pianconvento holiday farm in Bagno di Romagna, in the province of Forlì - Cesena, wants to offer.


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Pine woods, pastures and wheat fields as far as the eye can see are the backdrop to the various wellness experiences offered by the farm, which take their cue from the knowledge of the East, proposing practices linked to ancient knowledge still widely in vogue today.

The balance with nature and with oneself is found through the courses of yoga, meditation, qi gong, postural relaxation, biodance, organized du-rante all year round, to allow you to devote your holiday to relaxation and well-being, immersed in the quiet of the Romagna countryside.

To complete the whole, there are also courses in agriculture, which will allow you to learn about the main processes of working the land.

Course of Photography - Cascina Papa Mora in Piedmont

If you were looking for the right opportunity to learn the basics of photography, what Cascina Papa Mora has to offer is ideal. In this Piedmontese farmhouse, which is located in an ancient farm of the early twentieth century, are organized photography courses with one of the most popular photographers portraits-Italians.


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Armando Rotoletti, collaborator of newspapers such as Corriere della Sera and Vanity Fair, will be the guide that will take you into the world of digital photography, showing you the techniques of portrait, reportage and landscape representation. In this way you will be able to learn the basics of this art, which is increasingly appreciated by one of the contemporary masters of the sector. And what better place to capture the nature of a stay in the hills of the Piedmont countryside?

History of Art - Bramasole in Toscana

Not what you would expect to find in a farmhouse, a course in art history, and yet one of the courses that have always fascinated students. This is one of the activities that you can try in the structure of Bramasole, in Montopoli in Val d'Arno, near the beautiful Pisa.

It often happens, after discovering the artistic beauties around Italy, to think: "How would I like to know more about the world of art. Well, in this case, the wish can be satisfied in a close turn.

Corso di storia dell'arte in agriturismo

Al Bramasole will be one of the owners of the farm to illustrate the wonders expressed by the artists, being a teacher of History of Art in one of the high schools in the province. After perhaps going to the discovery of Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, or the many testimonies of Renaissance splendor in Tuscany, an art course will be the worthy corollary to your holiday

Courses on medicinal plants - Le Germandine and Casolare Alberelli in Tuscany

There is the possibility to get to know the wild herbs of the countryside in these two farmhouses in the province of Livorno.

The first, Le Germandine, is located in the countryside surrounding the ancient medieval village of Suvereto. Here the managers give you the opportunity to have a nice outing in search of medicinal herbs to use in the kitchen and in phytotherapy, and teach you to recognize and handle them once you arrive in the kitchen for their profitable use.

Agriturismo Le Germandine - Corsi sulle piante officinali

Similarly, Casolare Alberelli is in Rosignano Marittimo, where grandmother Cristiana will take you on a tour of the circus-standing nature to search for and collect wild herbs, learn the methods of collection and drying, and then use them for delicious dishes.

Restoration courses - Caresto in Umbria

The owner, Myriam, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, will welcome you to this farmhouse. She has decided to entertain her guests with a very special activity.

Visitors to Agriturismo Caresto will be able to take courses in recycling and restoration of antique furniture, as well as various types of objects and clothes. But also courses in craftsmanship for the creation of wooden products, decorations with decoupage and shabby chic, but also workshops in painting on silk and ceramics, sculpture, craftsmanship with wicker and papier-mâché.

Corso di restauro in agriturismo

All this can be experienced immersed in the privileged environment that offers the farm, in a romantic rural village in the mountains that separate Gubbio from Assisi.

Music therapy courses - Villa Marchesa in Campania

We conclude our article dedicated to the courses and special activities to be followed in the farmhouse with the course of music therapy proposed by the farm Villa Marchesa di Castelnuovo Cilento (Salerno).

Corso di Musicoterapia

Do you know what music therapy is? Music therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses music to allow the patient to express himself, be open and be an active part of the therapy. It is said that music is able to create a service of emotional integration and can facilitate the treatment of diseases and disabilities.

If you are curious to see for yourself what this is about, you can take a similar course from Villa Marchesa, in a quiet and natural setting, protected by an oak grove, with an immense terrace that looks out over the pretty Marina di Casal Velino.

As you may have read, each of these farmhouses has chosen its own way to offer its guests unique experiences, which derive from the love for nature and the knowledge of the owners themselves. Through the most interesting courses, you can enrich your holiday by learning ancient crafts and discovering more and more about the ancient relationship between man and nature.

Remember that, before leaving, it is always a good idea to find out about the courses scheduled during your stay: often the courses are seasonal and require a minimum number of participants.

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